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2017 Mid-Vintage Update – A Quick 5 Minute Q&A

In this year’s 2017 Australian Mid-Vintage Update Jim Moularadellis gives a quick 5 minute Q&A covering the state of play of the 2017 vintage.  He answers the hot questions that are being asked in the market now.

Click on the link to read more: 2017 Australian Mid-Vintage Update – 16 February 2017

2016 Post-Vintage Update – The game is changing… Back to the Future

The game is changing…. Back to the Future!Back to the future

It’s Back to the Future for the Australian wine industry and my 2016 Post-Vintage Update will examine why.

The rapid shrinking of Australia’s vineyard area has gone largely unnoticed in recent years: the vineyard area in 2015 has taken us right back to the vineyard area of 2001.  Combined with a lower exchange rate, multiple Free Trade Agreements, and China’s rapid demand growth, the shrinking vineyard area is a game changer for Australian wine.

Click on the link to read more: 2016 Australian Post-Vintage Update – 15 April 2016

2016 Mid-Vintage Update

Harvester in vineyardIn this year’s 2016 Australian Mid-Vintage Update Jim Moularadellis shares his thoughts on the Australian wine industry covering the following points:

  • Australian Bulk Wine Market Fundamentals;
  • The Australian Wine Export Renaissance; and
  • The 2016 Australian Vintage Outlook.

Click on the link to read more: 2016 Australian Mid-Vintage Update – 12 February 2016

2015 Australian Bulk Wine Market Update

Foreign Exchange

During the last 2-3 years, the Australian Wine Industry has experienced two fundamental changes, both of which are likely to stimulate demand for Australian wine.  The first is a significant fall in the A$ against currencies of key wine export markets and the second is a series of 3 Free Trade Agreements have been signed by Australia, in addition to the very recent successful conclusion of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

At the same time, there is a very mixed outlook for Vintage 2016.  Bulk wine inventories have been growing for red wine, but falling for white wine.  Irrigation water is expensive and the weather outlook very dry, increasing the outlook of smaller yields.  Vineyard sentiment is poor, vineyard inputs minimal due to recent low grape prices, but those closest to the final consumer are optimistic.

Has there been a paradigm shift in the fundamentals facing the Australian Wine Industry or is it
just a manic depressive market?

Click on the link to read more: 2015 Australian Bulk Wine Market Update – 9 October 2015

2015 South Australia Winegrape Growers’ Summit

Winegrape Growers Summit croppedOn Friday 17th July 2015 the annual South Australia Winegrape Growers’ Summit was held in Adelaide. The summit aims to address the big picture issues (in regards to Australian Winegrapes) in global and national marketplaces , and provide a picture of the state of the industry including demand by variety, the outlook for the 2016 vintage and vineyard property values.

On the day, Jim Moularadellis, along with WGCSA’s Sandy Hathaway and Wine Australia’s Mark Rowley, shared their thoughts on the state of the Australia’s Winegrape industry.

Click on the link to read more: 2015 South Australia Winegrape Growers Summit – 17 July 2015

2015 Mid-Vintage Update

sunshine cropped Jim Moularadellis shares his thoughts on the Australian wine industry covering the following points:

  • Which varieties are hot this year and which varieties are not;
  • The key influences in this year’s vintage;
  • 2015 wine grape crush predictions;
  • An industry outlook.

Click on the link to read more: 2015 Australian Mid-Vintage Update – 9 February 2015

2014 Riverland Wine Industry Forum Presentation

Riverland wineOn 15 October 2014 Jim Moularadellis presented to growers and winemakers at the Riverland Wine Industry Forum.  The presentation covered the following 3 items:

  1. A recap of the 2014 vintage (why did grape prices fall; the grape price to bulk wine formula);
  2. An outlook for the 2015 vintage (sales trends for domestic, imported and exported wine); and
  3. The long term outlook (the road ahead).

Click on the link to read more: 2014 Riverland Wine Industry Forum presentation – 15 October 2014

2014 Post-Vintage Bulk Wine Review

Sliced SalamiSlicing the Salami: Nature Cuts Into the 2014 Vintage.

Jim Moularadellis reviews the Australian bulk wine market in light of the 2014 vintage, and discusses the major influences and uncertainties surrounding the current outlook for bulk wine.

The key issues that are addressed in the article include an analysis of the 2014 crush, the current bulk wine market, 2015 crop outlook, demand assessment, and finally, the overall outlook for 2015.

Click on the link to read more: 2014 Australian Post-Vintage Update – 28 August 2014

2014 Mid-Vintage Update

grapes in a crusherJim Moularadellis gives his predictions for the 2014 Vintage in this year’s Mid-Vintage Update.

Click on the following link to read more: 2014 Australian Mid-Vintage Update – 14 February 2014

2013 Post-Vintage Bulk Wine Review

cream puffsOne Too Many Cream Puffs: 2013 Post Vintage Bulk Wine Review.
Australian winemakers started the 2013 vintage with empty tanks and large appetites for grapes.  Optimism & prices were on the rise following last year’s medium sized, good quality vintage and winemakers were hungry for more wine inventory.  So during the 2013 vintage, most winemakers crushed as many grapes as they could lay their hands on and Mother Nature delivered grapes in great abundance.  Now, most winemakers have a bit too much excess bulk wine in their tanks.  Even those who judiciously restricted their intakes are complaining of higher than ideal inventory levels.

….Sometimes we folk in the wine industry can identify with the 8 year old at a kid’s birthday party hungrily surveying the sweets table, who then helps herself to a whole plate of cream puffs.
The little girl then later complains of a bad tummy ache after, perhaps, one too many cream puffs.….

Click on the link to read more: 2013 Australian Post-Vintage Update – 21 August 2013

2012 Post-Vintage Bulk Wine Review

processing cropped

There is a renewed sense of optimism in the Australian wine industry. Has such optimism arisen from a fundamental, longer term shift in the economic fortunes of our industry? Or are we just witnessing a false rally following the 2012 vintage? This article examines such questions in light of Australian bulk wine market during 2012. The key issues addressed are an analysis of supply, tracking changes in wine inventories in recent years, the 2012 vintage, and the supply outlook for 2013. The bulk wine market for each of the main varieties is also examined.

Click on the following link to read more: 2012 Post-Vintage Bulk Wine Review – 17 August 2012