Bulk Wine Shipping Options

A flexi-tank is a one-way bag used for transport of bulk wine, which is fitted inside a 20’ shipping container. Flexi-tanks are available in a range of sizes, however the most common and economical way of transporting bulk wine is in a 24,000 litre flexi-tank.

The composition and features of flexi-tanks can vary differently between suppliers. Most suppliers combine the supply of the flexi-tank with a freight forwarding service, which provide you with a total bulk wine transport solution. Austwine can assist by recommending reputable suppliers of flexi-tank services.

For an excellent explanation of why shipping bulk wine in flexi-tanks is advantageous, click here to read the article by Hillebrand Gori “Flexitank: Why it’s a Good Option for Shipping Wine”: https://www.hillebrandgori.com/media/publication/flexitank-why-it-s-a-good-option-for-shipping-wine

To see the flexi-tank loading procedure, click on this You Tube clip.

Flexi Tank

An ISO-Tank is a tank container, which provides a safer and more reliable, yet more costly alternative to a flexi-tank. ISO-Tanks can vary is size from 24,000 litres to 26,000 litres, and can be reused over and over again. It should however be noted that due to road weight restrictions, larger capacity ISO-Tanks (25,000 & 26,000 litre) may not be allowed to travel on some Australian roads.

ISO Tank

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