Export Processes

Under Australian Grape and Wine Authority Regulations, all wine shipments in excess of 100 litres require export approval. For approval to be granted the following processes must be followed:

  • The Exporter must have an export licence;
  • The wine must be registered as a product with the Australian Grape and Wine Authority prior to export; and
  • Each individual shipment must have an approved export permit.

Further information on the wine export approval process can be found on the Wine Australia website.

In addition to the standard approval process for wine, bulk wine is also subject to some additional procedures. The following processes must be followed for bulk wine exports:

  • The consignee (packaging facility) must be certified in accordance with 1 of 6 quality managements standards approved by Australian Grape and Wine Authority;
  • The exporter must adhere to the ‚ÄúProcedure for the preparation and transportation of bulk wine; and
  • Records and retention samples of each loading should be kept, as Australian Grape and Wine Authority inspectors have the power to audit the loading and dispatch process.

Wine Australia provides further information on the bulk wine approval process.

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