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2020 Austwine Market Update

Has Time Warped? It is hard to believe that so little real time has elapsed since the first cases of COVID-19 appeared late in 2019.  Since then, time seems to have warped as a result of the pandemic: days have seemed like weeks, and weeks have seemed like months.  All of us have struggled to […]

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A-B-C of the Australian Bulk Wine Market

A high quality crop has been reported by most Australian producers, and it is clear to most, if not all, market players that the 2018 wine grape crop has been unable to fully satisfy current demand. “Click here” for a brief A-B-C of the Australian Bulk Wine Market to bring you up to date on the following […]

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Australian 2018 Vintage Harvest Update

Jim Moularadellis sits down for a 5 minute Q & A, providing an update on the 2018 Australian wine grape harvest and current market conditions. Click on the link to read more: Australian 2018 Vintage Harvest Update

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2017 Mid-Vintage Update – A Quick 5 Minute Q&A

In this year’s 2017 Australian Mid-Vintage Update Jim Moularadellis gives a quick 5 minute Q&A covering the state of play of the 2017 vintage.  He answers the hot questions that are being asked in the market now. Click on the link to read more: 2017 Australian Mid-Vintage Update – 16 February 2017

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2016 Post-Vintage Update – The game is changing… Back to the Future

The game is changing…. Back to the Future! It’s Back to the Future for the Australian wine industry and my 2016 Post-Vintage Update will examine why. The rapid shrinking of Australia’s vineyard area has gone largely unnoticed in recent years: the vineyard area in 2015 has taken us right back to the vineyard area of 2001.  Combined […]

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2016 Mid-Vintage Update

In this year’s 2016 Australian Mid-Vintage Update Jim Moularadellis shares his thoughts on the Australian wine industry covering the following points: Australian Bulk Wine Market Fundamentals; The Australian Wine Export Renaissance; and The 2016 Australian Vintage Outlook. Click on the link to read more: 2016 Australian Mid-Vintage Update – 12 February 2016

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2015 Australian Bulk Wine Market Update

During the last 2-3 years, the Australian Wine Industry has experienced two fundamental changes, both of which are likely to stimulate demand for Australian wine.  The first is a significant fall in the A$ against currencies of key wine export markets and the second is a series of 3 Free Trade Agreements have been signed […]

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